The Party

The party currently comprises the following adventurers:

Veronwë Feywarden (LG male elf cleric 2) travels through Ashlar to learn more about the short-lived humans and their practises. He is an original member of the party.

Thangrimm Shieldwarden (LG male dwarven fighter 1/monk 1) stands in the vanguard of the fight. He is the very definition of not stealthy. Thangrimm is an original member of the party.

Johann Firehammer (NG male dwarf ranger 2) carries his family’s ancestral thunderaxe and quests to gain the wealth and power necessary to reclaim his clan’s ancient home—Vongyth—from its new overlord.

Jeremiah (N male half-elf rogue 1) masquerades as a human, but his uncanny vision in the dark has led many of the party to suspect the truth of his ancestry. Why he hides his ancestry is a mystery.

Orithur (N male dwarf druid 2) travels with his beloved wolf companion. He believes in the intrinsic beauty and power of the natural world—it gives him everything he needs.

Warg (NG male dwarf fighter 1) appears to be little more than a homicidal maniac with an impressive beard. Time will tell if he has the temperament for adventuring.

Grogor (N male half-orc rogue 1) hails from Dulwich in the south of Ashlar. Near destitute when he joined the party, he worries about his mum and has begun to wonder how his father—a pure blood orc—is suffered to dwell in Dulwich.

The Fallen and the Lost 

Some of our heroes have tired of the adventuring life, or have left the party for other reasons.

Goldogrin (N male elven rogue 1) grew afraid of the tunnels below Greystone and the many fiendishly hidden traps lurking therein and has sought easier pickings elsewhere.

Dulannis Nunifae (CG male high elven fighter 1/wizard 1) grew increasingly erratic the more frequently he ventured across the bay. Eventually, he came to believe a stuffed blue lizard he found in a curio shop was a god and wandered off to spread word of his new faith.

Auric Karador (LG male dwarven fighter 1)

Glourn Sethratin (NG male dwarven fighter 1) wandered off after falling under the spell of an older woman—no mean feat for a dwarf!

Toliyrath Ignivir Minudain (N male human wizard 1) was a quiet fellow, and reticent about his reasons for adventuring in Gloamhold and its environs. He was an original member of the party and a native of Languard. Toliyrath was slain by a crystal ooze in the waterlogged passageway beneath the Chapel of the Mistress in Greystone.

Orm (CG male human barbarian 1) adventures to pay off a great debt and to buy back his father’s smithy in Languard. He is a native of the city and a savage, powerful warrior given to taking extreme risks in pursuit of victory. Orm left the party to seek his fortune as a mercenary.