Hello. I’m Creighton Broadhurst, Publisher of Useful Items at Raging Swan Press. Welcome to my Adventures in Shadow campaign and the terrible, benighted legend-shrouded halls of Gloamhold. The website is dedicated both to my ongoing campaign and the design of Gloamhold and its surrounds.

I have no defined plan of setting or campaign development; this is a sandbox campaign based around the characters and their adventurers. There is no “pre-set|” story to follow—the campaign is a chronicle of their adventures.

The Setting

If you want to learn more about the setting you can check out:

The Duchy of Ashlar

The City of Languard


The Campaign

You can learn more about the campaign by exploring these links:

Meet the Party

Read Session Summaries

Meet the campaign’s notable NPCs

As part of my design of Ashlar, Languard and Gloamhold I’ve blogged extensively about campaign, city and dungeon design. You can visit my main blog (which includes all my design and advice articles) here:


Alternatively, I have reposted on this site, articles of particular relevance to the campaign’s design. They appear in the Campaign Blog.

The Design

About Creighton

I live in Torquay, England where, apparently, the palm trees are plastic and the weather is warm. I share a ramshackle old mansion with my two children (“Genghis” and “Khan”) and my patient wife. Famed for my unending love affair with booze and pizza I am an enduring GREYHAWK fan.

I started roleplaying a few days before my 10th birthday when my older cousin introduced me and my sister to Basic Dungeons & Dragons. My sister’s PC died a horrible death (chortle), but I survived my battle with the Black Prince. (Looking back on it, the dungeon was riddled with clichés!) The very next day, I purchased the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook and my long journey into the deep recesses of geekdom was well underway.

The next few years were fairly typical for a young gamer: rainbow coloured dragons, 1,000,000d6 lightning bolts (the DM didn’t like me), killing everything in Deities & Demigods and some very high-level characters (all totally, 100% legal played from 1st-level).

Living Greyhawk & Freelancing

Amongst the carnage, I fell in love with the Greyhawk setting and in 1999 (just sixteen short years later) I wrote my first freelance module (Shadows Under Scant, for the RPGA). Getting involved with Living Greyhawk was inevitable and I became a Triad member for the UK shortly before the release of 3rd Edition. Membership of the Circle of Six quickly followed as did several articles for Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine. For the next six years, I busily slaughtered countless Living Greyhawk characters while writing many Core and Core Special events for the campaign.

During this time, I landed my first freelance writing gigs for Expeditious Retreat PressPaizo and Wizards of the Coast. My work has included contributions to several 3.5 and 4e hardbacks, supplements, adventures and a few adventures in the on-line Dungeon.

Raging Swan Press

In 2010, I launched Raging Swan Press, where I am the Publisher of Useful Items. Reducing or removing entry barriers, simplifying pre-game prep and easing the GM’s workload are the key underpinning principles of the products I release through Raging Swan Press.

Raging Swan Press enables me to share stories and create engaging, dynamic adventures and situations while dodging a proper job.

I pledge that none of my products will ever feature rainbow dragons or 1,000,000d6 lightning bolts.