In the course of their adventures the party have encountered many folk—some fair, some foul. The most notable appear below. However, keep in mind while perusing the below lists that the information appears as the players understand it. Thus, none of the NPCs have levels or alignments (unless the alignment is blindingly obvious such as in the case of a paladin).


Addabar Erklen (male gnome alchemist) runs a small apothecary shopping Coldwater, and is one of the only friendly people in the place.

Armas Hujanen (male half-elf wizard?) is in Coldwater to investigate the Blight and its affects on the villagers. He is probably a powerful visitor as he sold the party a scroll which contained a 2nd-level spell!

Arvo Eerola (middle-aged male human) is the owner of the Stooped Man—Coldwater’s only inn and tavern; the place is a bastion of cheap alcohol, surly service and draughty, flea-infested accommodation.

Aune Laitnen (female human cleric [Serat]) is the high priest of the Chapel of the Mistress.

Elina Vuolle (old female human) is the lady of Coldwater, but is well known to hate the place. She has tried to sell her noble title on several occasions, but thus far no one has met her price.

Holg (old male human) runs Holg’s Locker and is a miserable, foul-tempered man. Extremely organised, he can find virtually anything in his warehouse—if given a day or two.

Irja Outila (female human cleric [Serat]) is often hungover and not particularly approachable. She has deep bags under her eyes and is the priest in charge of ringing the chapel’s bell at night to help fishing boats out on the water come home safe.

Uzlen Itkonen (middle-aged female half-orc) owns and runs the only notable shipwrights in Coldwater. She keeps herself to herself and does not knowingly get involved in the smuggling thought to be rife in the village.


Ambro Kontio (male human fighter?) is a blackguard, pirate and dead man (the latter as soon as the party can get hold of him). Ambro stole a valuable darkwood dragon figurehead from the party. He is master of the Amma—a galley sometimes seen in and around Languard and the Murkwater. The party believe Ambro has a hidden base somewhere in Rivengate.

Otava Himottu (male human fighter?) is first mate of the Amma. He is a big, strong man who is known as “the Strangler”.

Kaija Kiekka (female human cleric [Serat]?) is the Amma’s helmsman and renown as a renegade sea witch.

Henchfolk & Hirelings

In the course of their adventures, the PCs have occasionally hired men-at-arms, fishermen and the like.

Barlon Korsta (male human fighter) served the party during several trips across Hard Bay to Greystone’s tumbled ruin. A simple mercenary, he left the party’s employ after witnessing something monstrous slew another boat’s crew when they foolishly entered Greystone’s harbour. While Barlon did not witness the slaughter, the crew’s screams haunt him yet.

Taneli Leino (male human) bravely carries the party across Hard Bay’s turbulent waters to their adventures. He refuses to sail into Greystone’s harbour. He is a fisherman. He lives with his wife—Kaija—and his two sons—Aake and Isto—along with daughter—Eeva—one the second floor of a small tenement in Fishshambles. His fishing boat is called simply Kaija.

Fellow Adventurers

Many adventurers live in Languard.

Ilamri Eronen (male human fighter) is a member of the Scarlet Fellowship—a minor adventuring band who explored the ruin of Greystone’s forsaken manor. He is only the known survivor of the expedition; his companions—Hannele Mustonen, Sonja Rintala and Mikko Takala—disappeared after fighting a band of feral, hideous ugly humans. Their fate remains unknown. The party believe Ilamri to be a coward. Ilamri is a burly, bald man with a long, livid scar on his left cheek.

Sakari Purho (male human wizard) is the only other survivor of the Scarlet Fellowship. He did not accompany his fellows on their doom expedition because he was deep in spell research. He has reputation as somewhat of a dreamer. Sakari dresses in a decidedly unwizardly, foppish fashion.


Thousands of people dwell in Languard. The PCs have had substantive dealings with those listed below:

Anafa Wildthorn (female half-elf cleric or druid) serves the Storm Mistress at the Fane of the Waves Eternal. The party have had—so far successful—dealings with the capricious half-elf.

Einar Salonen (middle-aged male human fighter) owns the Orc’s Head tavern. A retired adventurer, Einar was a feared warrior in his day. he is gregarious and welcoming. He doesn’t mind the occasional barroom brawl, as long as no one is seriously hurt.

Nuluani Sehiateir (LN female half-elf cleric) is an influential member of Conn’s clergy who dwells in his cathedral, the Father’s Hall. The party returned to her the relics and remains they retrieved from the forgotten sepulchre below Conn’s ruined church in Greystone. Consequently, she has promised to aid them with a certain amount of magical healing and the like in the future.

Urmas Aalto (old make human wizard) is renowned as a sage specialising in Gloamhold, its history and environs. A cantankerous, retired adventurer Urmas dwells in a rundown home in High City.


If a NPC doesn't fit into any of the other categories, they appear here:

Luestiss (female sea dryad) dwells in the sunken caves below the crumbling Hall of the Storm Mistress in Greystone. She is lonely and craves company. The company do not entirely trust the self-proclaimed Mistress of the Weeds. Luestiss seems particularly taken Veronwie, but does not trust Jeremiah (who tried—and failed—to steal her prized diadem).

Kanbrar Nuninrae (male half-elf) is generally distrusted by the party, who believe the half-elf is up to no good. Kanbrar hired the party to escort him and his lady love from Languard to Coldwater so they could escape her father’s wrath.

Arumric and Lunderee Isskep are halfling merchants the party encountered on the road between Coldwater and Languard. The two are chatty and didn’t like Coldwater. They dealt fairly with the party and told them much about Coldwater—including that the place’s noble—Elina Vuolle—wants to sell the village and her title.