AiS 039: High Jinks in Languard


After their heroics in Aleksandra Ihalempi’s crumbled tower, the party rested for a week in Languard. Several of the heroes were exhausted by their adventures and craved rest. Others sought to worship at their temples, sell their accumulated loot or simply drink in everything the duchy’s largest settlement had to offer. During the week, several things of note occurred:

  • Warg spent two days in the city’s highest class brothel—Pharran’s Shroud. Given the laws of the city proscribed him killing anyone, the insatiable dwarf sated his other basest instincts in the place’s special dungeon. While there, he met several fascinating people including the establishment’s massive bouncer—Varg—who stood over eight-foot tall, and Rauna Tiera who also worked at the Shroud. She seemed to take a particular shine to the dwarf and gifted him a black silk scarf to go with the lovely red dress he often wore. She also kept him up to date with certain rumours of lawlessness—and the duke’s probable reactions to such—in and around the city.

  • Meanwhile, Alice sold the monocle they had discovered in the crumbled tower to the Esoteric Fellowship—a nascent guild of wizards lairing in the so-called White Tower. The fellowship tried to entice Alice into joining the group, but the young elf was having none of it.

  • Grogor earned his keep as a locksmith. One night, he was summoned to Sigrud Pettenan’s shop. It seemed a customer had locked himself out and needed to get into his house. Although the person in question was elsewhere Sigrud sent Grogor and an assistant to gain entry to the house. Once Grogor had expertly picked the lock, he left his assistant to wait for the house’s owner while he returned to Sigrud’s shop. The locksmith was so impressed, he paid Grogor 10 gp on the spot for the night’s work, which made the half-orc extremely happy.

  • Johann discovered magic did indeed lurk in his thunderaxe! After a strange dream he awoke to discover speaking a certain phrase imbued the axe with a greater chance to hit and wreathed it in flames equal to that of a candle. Perhaps this was the magic of the axe beginning to emerge from the strange metal comprising its axe and hammer heads. Excited, Johann sent a letter to his friend at the Dreaming Spires begging him to do more research on what else he might expect from the weapon.

  • The heroes were much intrigued by the strange ring of the eagle’s strike discovered in the tomb below the crumbled tower of Aleksandra Ihalempi, and asked Urmas the sage to investigate how they could replenish its powers (for they had discovered its magic was much depleted).

  • While resting in the city, Grogor cultivated several low-level contacts in the Shadow Marks. This was time and effort well spent for he heard his nemesis—the bandit queen Firean Maiethil—had been captured and delivered in chains to Dulwich castle. The word was that she had been betrayed by her own gang, but in an odd twist of fate another rumour spoke of her escape or disappearance from the dungeons below the castle. Grogor didn’t know what to make of it all, but he vowed to find out as this combined with rumours of groups of armed men seen lurking in the woods and hills soured Woodridge spot of ill-doings in the south.

After the week’s rest, the party were much replenished and talk inevitably turned to tracking down the bandits that had thus far eluded them.