AiS 041: Death to all Bandits


The party pushed deeper into the bandits’ lair. As Warg hacked his way though the door that had so stymied his assault, Johann—shooting from the dark—fought a one-sided archer duel with two doomed bandits. As he did so, another bandit broke for the exit. With alacrity that surprised his companions Grogor took off after the fleeing bandit. He would not be seen again, until the party returned triumphant to Languard.

Meanwhile, the bandit leader—the blond-haired woman strongly resembling the sketch—continued her rush to the exit. Thangrimm intercepted her and stunned the woman with a powerful head-butt. The woman staggered back stunned giving Orithur and his wolf time to reach Thangrimm’s side. In short order, the woman was beaten into unconsciousness.

While this was going on, Warg finally got through the door and attacked the two hapless bandits beyond. Viciously disemboweling one he chased the other into another room. As the man lost control of his bowels, the dwarf viciously cut him down. Now with no foes, Warg went exploring, but by the time he returned to his companions the bandits were all slain.

Victorious, the party set about looting the bandits’ lair and decapitating their fallen enemies so they could claim the bandit bounty. While they did so, the dwarves in the party identified a lot of the work in the inner caverns as dwarven, which made them wonder who had tried to make a home here. Mercifully, during their explorations they did not encounter the medusa Deszraul and it seemed that rumours of her living in the area were either false or wildly out of date.

With the bandits vanquished and their leader in captivity, the party returned to Languard. On the way, though, they quizzed Venla the bandit leader. In particular, they wanted to know where the red-beard man was they’d spied outside the city gates as he was not among the dead. They learned the man was Vela’s contact with the Shadow Masks (Languard’s dominant thieves’ guild) and that in exchange for the guild’s tip-offs about particular caravans the thieves would commandeer the horses and occasionally certain other goods found among the merchants’ baggage. It further transpired, the reason the bandits had not attacked the party last time they’d wandered up and down the road was that the thieves had seen through Warg’s dwarven noblewoman disguise. It seemed the eccentric dwarf warrior was slowly building a reputation for himself in Languard that had hindered the party’s attempts at subterfuge.

Back in Languard, the party claimed their reward for Venla and her gang at Languard Castle and then spent a few days relaxing. Warg immediately returned to Pharran’s Shroud where he professed his undying love for Rauna Tiera and asked her to marry him. While she seemed tempted, Rauna demurred explaining she did not know him well enough yet. The dwarf vowed he would win her heart and spent an enjoyable night in her company.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party relaxed, sold what they had looted from the bandit lair and generally laid their plans to head off to Don Galir to answer Borrin’s summons. While doing so, they learnt from Urmas the supposed means to recharge the ring of the eagle’s strike that had fallen into their possession on their last adventure. Although Urmas couldn’t explain what exactly it meant, he had discovered the means of recharging the ring was to “wash it in the tears of an eagle where the world is thin”.

With this revelation, and their preparations made, the party set out to Don Galir…