AiS 035: Adventurers About Town


Their heroic trials behind them, the party decided to rest in Languard for a few weeks. Many of the heroes had things they wanted to get done and so the party—to a certain extent—went their own ways for much of the month. 

Genobar made a new friend—an alchemist with a reputation with a lax view of safety who was always in need of gold to finance his laboratory. The two became friends and Genobar busied himself in Juuso Ano's laboratory making vials of acid in preparation for the next adventure. 

Johann and Thangrimm returned home for a brief visit to Don Galir. Both were desirous to see home again and Johann wanted to ask his uncle to turn the dark leaf leaves they had harvested in Naitheror’s valley into armour. While at the hold, Thagrimm managed to secure a suit of fine platemail, but only on the condition he be available to look into the mystery of Delthur and his so-called folly somewhere to the north of Dunstone.

Warg also spent the time profitably finding and then getting fitted for a suit of full plate while Orithur spent most of his time either at the Fane of the Waves Eternal or the Mother’s Garden deep in conversation with the priests therein.

Thus, equipped and rested the party reconvened three weeks later in the Orc’s Head common room after a visit to Urmas the sage who they updated on their recent discoveries in and near the dismal village of Coldwater. While better equipped and ready for the long-delayed bandit hunt they were also better informed with various rumours and the like about recent and likely upcoming events; Johann had learn the old seaman’s tale of the Death King of the Forlorn Isle while Warg heard of the mystery of the legendary paladin Kal Voren and his magical blade Demon Bane. Warg was particularly intrigued to learn the hero of old (and his blade) were not interred in the vault below Tor Abbey as was normal practise for Order of the Watch Eternal. 

While playing a lively game of Dragon and the Thief with several other adventurers in the Orc’s Head one night the party also learnt:

  • Several buildings Water Lane are in imminent danger of collapse, and it’s widely assumed they’ll not last the winter.

  • The Takolen of the Wrecks are a foul people widely thought to worship certain ancient and blasphemous powers.

  • The Mistress of the Spires is reported to be seriously ill.

  • A week ago, Holg’s Locker in Coldwater suddenly and mysteriously burnt down. Once the flames had died down the villagers sifted through the remains and discovered Holg’s body amid the ash and ruin; his heart had been cut out! This last rumour caused a certain disquiet among the group as they remembered they had sold Holg several items recovered from Dagon’s hidden temple near the village; several of the heroes wondered if the two events were linked in some way.

Interested by several of these rumours, the party nevertheless decided to stick with their plan and set out bandit hunting on the morrow…