AiS 034: Dagon Defeated


With the second of its two eyes smashed, the statue began to grow still. As the party, watched its tentacle-arms begin to judder to a halt and the waters that had until recently been remorseless rising toward the temple’s ceiling began to drain away.

Danger was still at hand, however. Flushed with confidence, Grogor slipped and fell from the statue falling all the way to the floor. Badly injured, the half-orc tottered to his feet just as a globe of magical darkness wreathed the centre of the hall. This darkness overwhelmed Genobar’s light, and under its cover the foul skeletal aberration disappeared somewhere beyond the redoubt gnome’s reach or sight. 

Moments later, another magical globe of darkness appeared closer to the doorway leading outside. As the party prepared for the final battle, the skeletal sahuagin emerged from the dark waters and stabbed Orithur in the chest with its trident. Near-mortally injured the dwarf staggered back and collapsed. His wolf leapt to defend him and the skeleton, hounded by the wolf, retreated to the outside and into the sea. 

Meanwhile, the water levels had begun to drop in the main temple and the party trapped at the other end of the processional rushed to Orithur’s aid. They were quick enough to save him from death, but of his attacker there was no sign. It seemed the undead horror had escaped into the sea to some unknown place. 

Near-silence descended again on the chapel. Of all the place’s guardians, none remained to yet face the party. By now, the waters called forth by the statue of Dagon had all but drained away and the party set to quickly—and comprehensively—looting the place. Several secret storage vault were located and looted, but the party was in a rush. Aware the the tide would soon be upon them, they gathered up their booty, sealed the outer doors as best they could and smashed the carvings in the antechamber’s ceremonial pool so that no one could follow their explorations of such an evil, ancient place.

Shortly thereafter, the heroes returned to Coldwater to rest and recuperate. In their rooms at the Stooped Man they examined their finds and laid their next plans. Returning to Languard was high on everyones’ mind, as was realising the proceeds of their adventure. The next day, they gave much of the booty—including a curiously wrought golden unholy symbol of Dagon and an immense shark’s tooth to Holg—the old cantankerous shopkeeper. In exchange, he gave them a magical pearl able to recall spells into the possessor’s mind and a wand able to call forth magic missiles; this last would surely be useful against the ghosts lurking under the ruined manor house overlooking the forsaken, ruined village of Greystone.

The heroes then visited Naitheror in his valley-home and spent the night with the elderly druid. While they wanted to search his valley for more darkwood, the druid refused; he wanted them to stay and keep him company for a month, but the party had pressing matters to attend to in Languard and could not spare the time. 

On their return to Coldwater, they also met Elina Voulle to discuss what they had found so close to her village. The noblewoman was aghast at what they had discovered and bestowed upon them a favour. If the Amma should call into Coldwater, she would have the ship impounded and send word to the party that their enemies were in the village. Greatly satisfied with this exchange, the party bid their farewells to Coldwater and returned to Languard…