AiS 033: Dagon Awakes!


The battle raged on. While most of the heroes fought the first animate statue, Warg bravely fought the other in single combat. As Alice rushed across the chapel to aid him, the redoubtable dwarf struck his attacker a blow so powerful it also destroyed the statue. Still, some fell magic held the creature together and it continued to flail at the dwarf.

Meanwhile, the other statue was finally destroyed and the party moved to help Warg. While the dwarf had almost destroyed his foe he had not managed to land a final, telling blow and so Thangrimm finished the creature off.

Barely stopping for a moment, the party pushed on—they had spells running and didn’t want to waste the magic on mere searching, healing or catching their breath. Warg, convinced the large statue would animate and attack at any moment, rushed up the stairs with a view to attacking it, and Thangrimm joined his friend. As the dwarves approached the statue the braziers on either side of the creature burst into crimson flame. These flames quickly diminished however as the dwarves tried hacking at the statue’s legs. As they did so, the statue finally began to move. As its tentacles began to move and writhe a powerful voice—coming from some far off, unguessable place, intoned, “I am Dagon. Worship me or face my wrath.”

Ignoring the thing’s words, the party set to with a will. The statue seemed mainly impervious to their attacks, but their efforts did result in the crimson light from the braziers dimming even further. A sudden explosion of water from the stream at the far end of the chamber drew more concerns—particularly as the water bursting forth quickly began to fill the chapel. Thangrimm threw a gripping hook atop the statue and Grogor swarmed upwards to reach the foul thing’s head and its glimmering eye-gems. As he struggled to remove the first of the gems, the water continued to rise. Now, several of the party heard a scratching sound from the sarcophagus set in front of the statue. Thangrimm, gambling there was a lever in the sarcophagus that would shut off the water, attempted to push off the lid, but it was too heavy because he was still wielding his tower shield and could only use one hand. He did spot a small piece of stone on the lid, however, that seemed suspiciously raised. As water swirled around his chest, he pushed the button and the lid rose up a few inches. Water sloshed from inside the sarcophagus and moments later a skeletal monstrosity burst forth. The beast stabbed Thangrimm in the chest with its trident and badly injured the dwarf, who was pulled back toward the statue by Warg who had descended the now flooded stair to aid his friend.

Meanwhile, Orithur, his wolf and Genobar retreated to the far end of the chapel, and managed to get over the stream as the water level in the chapel continued to rise. Johann as well moved back to safety—for the antechamber was not yet inundated; strangely some kind of fell magic was forcing the water toward the statue. Seeing his friends in danger, Genobar hurled himself back into the water, eschewing safety, and let the water push him down the chapel toward the skeletal monstrosity that Johann had identified as some kind of skeletal sahuagin.

By now, Grogor had accidentally broken the first of the statue’s eyes which seemed to anger Dagon. Realising perhaps destroying the gem held the key to stopping the water rising—Thangrimm quickly climbed the statue but couldn’t break the gem—it seems preternaturally hard. As he did so, Genobar fought a vicious underwater battle with the sahuagin. Using his divine radiance, he badly burnt the undead monstrosity, but was injured in turn for his efforts.

By now the water was approaching ten feet deep, and half the party clustered about the statue seemed trapped. None of them seemed keen to fight the undead sahuagin in the water as it had proved itself an able swimmer and doughty warrior. Finally, Grogor—giving up on subtly and finesse—managed to break the second eye gem. Moments later, the water stopped exploding out of the stream at the rear of the chapel, and one of the party’s problems seemed solved…