AiS #25: Deadly Treasure


Grogor cautiously moved forward to investigate the other two cell doors. Peering through the doors’ grill he determined one was empty while the other held nothing but a rotting chest piled high full of mildewed gold! The door was locked, but after a few minutes Grogor had defeated the lock and rushed into the cell. Sadly, all was not as it seemed. As the door opened, the rotting chest began to move—the pile of mildewed gold exploding outward to punch the brave rogue full in the chest. The treasure chest punched Grogor so hard, only his savage orcish heritage kept him standing. As Grogor staggered back, the rest of the party leapt into action. Quickly, Thangrimm slammed the cell door shut. This action gave the party a few precious moments to prepare, but the thing in the cell—identified shortly thereafter as a zombified mimic—quickly shattered the door.

Still, the party had managed to pen the creature into a narrow space. Thangrimm blocked the doorway and the two furious traded blows for a few moments before the badly injured dwarf was forced to retreat for healing. As the thing emerged the party swarmed it. Although it proved a strong and powerful foe, the heroes eventually overwhelmed it—Johann finally slaying the beast. By the time the thing was slain, the party were in bad shape—being almost completely out of healing and other magics.

However, two more doors yet remained to be explored and—undaunted—the heroes pushed on. Behind the first door, the party discovered a dusty storeroom. Much of what had been kept here had long mouldered or rotted away, but the party did discover a stout noble’s walking cane, that Thangrimm realised could make an exceptional club, and a beautiful white lace noble’s ballgown.

More excitingly, Grogor discovered a secret door in the room’s east wall. Beyond, lay a small room with two more chests. The canny rogue suspect a trap, but his quick search yielded nothing. Unfortunately, when he picked the first chest’s lock he discovered he was mistaken—a small poisoned needle trap lurked unseen among the dust and it now struck pumping poison into the rogue’s body. Veronwe rushed forward to help the stricken half-orc and in short order he had recovered enough to continue.

Opening the chest, he discovered he had missed another trap—the floor between the two chests swung open and the half-orc plummeted into the pit below. Quickly Alice arrest the rogue’s fall with a feather fall spell, but just as quickly the pit lid slammed shut trapping Grogor within.

Quickly, the party leapt into action and Thangrimm managed to open the pit again by standing on the southern chest and opening the northern chest’s lid with a rusty halberd they had found earlier. Doing so they discovered Grogor had managed to grab onto the wall only a few feet below the pit’s lip. After a few minutes, Grogor was liberated from the pit and the party looted the first chest of a great mass of junk gold and silver.

Fearing more traps, the party smashed the second chest open and discovered it was also linked to the cunning pit trap—however, none fell for the trap again and the party looted the chest which contained two potions and a small coffin holding the bones of a halfling. Discarding the bones, the party used the coffin to gather up some of their other treasures before returning to the main chamber to dare the other door. Beyond, they found another storage chamber and looted it of the few valuable items that had withstood time’s remorseless onslaught.

With nowhere else to seemingly go, the heroes moved back into the main room and Alice dared the rubble-strewn spiral staircase. The staircase spiralled upwards but it shortly became evident it was likely completely blocked as the higher Alice dared to climb the thicker the rubble become. With this revelation, the elf returned to the party, and the heroes plotted their next move…