Vongyth's Fall


Two centuries ago, the dwarves of clan Nurthen were typical of their kind. Dwelling in the fortified mine-hold of Vongyth these industrious miners toiled deep beneath the earth to bring forth precious metals and fought to defend their home from the foul humanoids dwelling in the bizarre, grotesque depths of the Forest of Grey Spires.

Cut into the northern flank of the nameless plateau upon which stands the Forest of Grey Spires in the wilderlands beyond the Duchy of Ashlar’s southern border, Vongyth is a small, isolated place. To the west, on Vongyth’s very doorstep, Kymi’s Run tumbles down Thangar’s Steps before flowing sluggishly northwards through the human village of Longbridge and under its bridge of olden dwarven artifice into the Salt Mire and from thence into Hard Bay’s turbulent, storm-wracked waters. To the south lies nothing but the oppressive gloom of the Forest of Grey Spires—a vast stretch of gnarled trees clustering thickly about strange and fantastical twisted columns of jagged grey stone thrusting grotesquely, almost blasphemously, skyward.

Proficient miners, the dwarves were wealthy, and it was their wealth that spelt their doom. A mated pair of green dragons, Klauthosk and Yeiarxin, fell upon several merchants carrying gold bars and other precious metals northwards into the Duchy of Ashlar for trade. After torturing (and then eating) the few survivors, the pair learnt Vongyth’s location and shortly thereafter—exhibiting typical, draconic greed—led their kobold minions in a devastating attack on the unsuspecting dwarves.

With acid and fang, the dragons drove the dwarves from their fortress

With acid and fang, the dragons drove the dwarves from their fortress, slaughtering all who dared resist them. (Many of the survivors sought sanctuary in the subterranean dwarven fortress of Don Galir below the human village of Wellswood; the others dispersed further afield—many leaving Ashlar for good.) After the orgy of slaughter and looting, Klauthosk and Yeiarxin settled in the hold and ordered their kobold servants to search out every scrap of treasure hidden therein. Sated by the carnage and the dwarves’ hoard-wealth, Yeiarxin laid several eggs, and with their new home secured, the dragons began to terrorise and loot the surrounding area.

Thus did matters stand until The Crimson Swords invaded the hold 40 years ago and slaughtered Klauthosk and Yeiarxin along with scores of their fanatical, diminutive servants. Exulting in their victory, the surviving adventurers looted the dragons’ hoard and returned to civilisation to bask in the common-folks’ adulation and to enjoy all the comforts of life their new wealth could provide.

something yet lingers in the eternal darkness of the dwarves’ ancient hold

Not all is well in Vongyth, however, for it has become apparent something yet lingers in the eternal darkness of the dwarves’ ancient hold.

The years after the Crimson Swords slew Klauthosk and Yeiarxin saw a slow trickle of adventurers and dwarves seeking Vongyth—the adventurers in hopes of finding glimmering treasures missed by the Crimson Swords and the dwarves in the hopes of reestablishing their ancient home. None who have passed Vongyth’s graven valves of bronze banded stone have returned to tell of what now lurks among the ruin of this shattered, fallen hold. Some folk whisper of a curse lingering over the place while others mutter that perhaps the Crimson Swords did not slay all the dragons. Whatever the truth of the matter, few people now willingly seek out Vongyth.