AiS 045: Coming Home

It was obvious the party couldn’t just leave the peasants to fend for themselves. The next group they accosted might not be so restrained and merciful. After a short discussion, it was decided to escort the would-be bandits to Wellswood and Don Galir; surely someone there would be able to help them.

As the much enlarged band travelled cross-country, the heroes quizzed the peasants about the attack that destroyed their hamlet. Most were essentially clueless—they’d spent the whole “battle” running away. However Crorg did have some useful information. The bandits had been surprisingly well-organised for mere raiders and—strangely—hadn’t actually tried to loot the village, they just set about killing everyone and burning the place down. Johann in particular seemed suspicious; these seemed strange tactics for bandits to employ. In discussions, the party wondered if the raid was in some way liked to the rising tension between the lords of Dulwich and Woodridge and their struggle for control of the lordless village of Longbridge (and its lucrative tax-generating bridge).

In any event, eventually the party reached Wellswood. Don Galir was home for many of the heroes and they couldn’t wait to see old friends, drink some proper dwarven ale and relax after their travails. Before they did so, though, they dropped off the refugees at the Travellers’ Rest so at least they had a roof over their heads. The resident priest, Antal Silverleaf—an old, arthritic halfling—welcomed the newcomers as he was always in need of help maintaining the shrine.

With this last task completed, the party descended one of the spiral staircase leading down to Don Galir. Here they rested, drank at the Dark Tavern and met Uncle Borrin. Borrin was delighted they had received his message for he needed them to investigate the legend of Delthur’s Folly. Delthur had disappeared into the wilds beyond the Selka River 50 years ago and Borrin had his reasons for asking the party to dare the orc-infested uplands of the Mottled Spire. There was no rush, however, Delthur had disappeared 50 years ago and so the party spent a month resting and recuperating.

Thus ends Season 2 of Adventures in Shadow.